Great Lake Cities

The Great Lake Cities are a truly beautiful location or an excellent potential travel destination for explorers and tourists of all variations and distinctions. They are a truly stunning, amazing place, outlined by the landscape and the rich popularity of the Great Lakes that are located here. Basically, the Great Lakes and the Great Lake Cities are not a sight to be missed in anyone’s filling lifetime, especially not if they are creative, the adventurous types who love the wonderful world of the outdoors and nature in general.
Lakes tend to add a lot of beauty to an area, and this is why the Great Lake Cities are so popular, famous, and perfectly attractive to so many numerous kinds of travelers who simply cannot get enough of them. Located along the borderline of the United States and Canada, the Great Lakes as well as, obviously, the Great Lake Cities, are truly the ultimate destination where to experience a thrilling combination of culture, nature, and amazing beauty. As a constant site of tourism from people coming from all different parts of the world, the Great Lakes Cities feature many attractions, such as various hiking trails, the option for kayaking or boating, and definitely fishing as well. However, the cities themselves are not unusual. They are basically made to function like any other collection of big bustling cities in the world. What gives them the splendor that they enjoy are the Great Lakes and all the different plentiful things that they happen to offer to people. Because they are the second largest group of freshwater lakes on the entire planet Earth, they make a great, unforgettable experience.

Great Lakes

Those who are not familiar with the beauty and uniqueness of the marvelous Great Lakes are missing out on quite a lot of great life experiences as well as various fun, thrilling adventures that are available at this amazing travel destination. The Great Lakes are situated in the northeastern North America, on the very borderline between the United States and Canada. They are an amazing and truly awe-inspiring collection of freshwater lakes that bring much joy to various hikers, kayakers, and boaters, as well as all other various kinds of people who greatly enjoy any kind of outdoor activity- be it taking a simple stroll by the water to endeavoring in challenging water activities.
The Great Lakes are an entire group of lakes, meaning that not just one lake is involved. In fact, the Great Lakes actually consist of Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, Michigan, as well as the famous Ontario. What makes them so popular and such great attractions? Well, apart from the fact that the lakes themselves are simply well known for their names, the Great Lakes actually form one of the largest groups of freshwater lakes in the entire world, coming in second after the only slightly more massive Baikal, located in Russia. These lakes make local United States citizens very proud and they are often referred to lovingly as the “Third Coast” for being so grand. Holding an impressive total of twenty one percent of Earth’s surface freshwater, which is a truly important but little known fact, the Great Lakes total up to a surface area of 208,610 km squared in metric units, which is a shocking and stunning 80,545 square miles.

Great Lake Cities- Creating New Heaven on Earth

The planet earth is consisted of sixty five percent of water and thirty five percent of dry land, this water is present on earth in a variety of forms, somewhere in the form of lakes, river, sea, streams and dams. Lakes add beauty into the area. There are numerous great lake cities in the world brief information of few of them is given below
North American Region, Great Lakes
In Northern American region there is a place having collection of fresh water lakes considered as great lakes in the world. The North America includes lakes namely lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. These are considered as world’s greatest group lakes comprising of 21% of earth fresh surface water. These lakes are present in northern cities of America; they cover an area of 94,250 square miles.
North-West Territories, Canada, Great Bear Lakes
Great Bear Lake is in the north-west territories of Canada, it is ranked seventh among world largest lakes, it is situate between the Arctic Circle.
Sehwan Sharif, District Dadu, Manchar Lake, Pakistan
Sehwan Sharif is one the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, it is small city located in district Dadu. It has a largest lake of Asia and Pakistan. Manchar Lake is adding more into the beauty of this small city. This lake takes water from numerous stream and Indus river empties.
Kaghan Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan, Lake Saif-ul-Muluk
Saif-ul-Muluk is the great lake in Kaghan valley it is highest among the other lakes of world regarding the altitude.
Apart from all above there are innumerable attractive great lake cities including cities of countries namely South Africa, Finland, China, Kirghizstan, Iran, Russia and many other countries.

Great Lakes – Largest Collection of Freshwater Lakes on Earth

Great Lakes are the freshwater lakes collection that is located in northeastern North America. These lakes comprise 21% of surface water of earth. The group is the largest group of freshwater lakes of the world. The group has a surface area of 94,250 square miles. The total volume of the lakes is 5,439 cubic miles. These lakes are also known as the Third Coast or North Coast by many citizens of the US.
Great lakes are also referred to as the major trade source in the northeastern area. Lots of freshwater aquatic species can be found there. There are some persistent species that are included in the trade. There are also some species that are endangering the environment. Therefore, they are also included in trade.
Great lakes have always been the source of lots of studies. Many researchers explore these areas in search of new species and other known freshwater organisms. The Great Lakes group of North America is a perfect source to find out different organisms. There have been lots of new researches that show the presence of some rare aquatic species.
Besides scientific research, lots of people also travel to see this big group of lakes. This has made it one of the best places to see in North America. Trading of aquatic organisms is, however, the main occupation of this area. The Great Lakes also serve good sources of water supply to the surround areas. As the world is facing lots of problems with water supply, the Great Lakes group is helping to provide sufficient supply of water to many parts. Therefore, it can be called as very prosperous lake groups of the world.

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