Our planet has many of the amazing things including beautiful mountain peaks, deserts, green areas, seas, oceans and lakes. These are just some of the thing that I have counted and in actual there are many exotic locations in the world too. In this article we will mention about some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
These lakes are a centre of attraction of many tourists who come to specially visit them. They cherish the breath taking view of the flowing water and when they go back they take a lot of memories with them.
Tahoe Lake
It is located in North America. It is said to be one of the lakes which are oldest in this world. It is not a small lake but in fact it extends all up to 21 miles. The water has a beautiful bluish green color which is evident of the fact that the lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the world. It has not been polluted with any waste that could have affected its natural beauty. Moreover when tourists visit the lake they notice that the color of the water of the lake appears different in different times of the day.
Lake Garda
It is located in Italy. Everyone knows that Italy is a beautiful city so obviously when one plans to visit it in their vacations they should not miss out visiting the lake at any cost. The lake is situated in the modern area of the country. It is covered in all greenery and attracts many tourists. The government takes regular steps to maintain the beauty of the lake.
So this was some information on some of the great lakes in the world. Anyone who loves nature would not hesitate in exploring these naturally beautiful sites that exist for us to explore.

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