Region of great lakes

World’s biggest collection of fresh water in the form of lakes is present on the border of Canada and United States. This is the biggest collection of fresh water which contains 21% of fresh water on earth in the form of lakes. It consists of the water of five lakes situated in Canada and America. The five lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. The four lakes are at the border of both the countries but Lake Michigan is completely in Michigan city of the United States of America.
Huge trade is done in this area. The fishing and presence of unique species are one of the specialties of these lakes. According to historical view, these lakes are formed in result of melting glaciers and providing fresh water which covered the piece of land.
There are a number of cities associated with these lakes. Some of the great lake cities are located in Canada while others are in America as these lakes join the border of Canada and USA. Some of the cities are in Ontario, Kingston, Thunder Bay, London, Toronto, in Canada and New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Erie, Michigan and Chicago in America. Many other great lake cities are also exists but these are some popular ones.
Basically, great lakes are consisting on a large area. It is based on a vast region which has many entry points. Tourists come from different countries of the world and everyone has his own point of entry to great lakes according to his own planned tour. No matter whichever is the point of entry, one must enjoy the magnificent beauty of the greatest fresh water lakes of the world. It is not less than a wonder, those five different lakes which already made up of smaller lakes; shape a beauty of nature in the form of the great lake.

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