Mother of five lakes

Five beautiful lakes of America and Canada altogether form a magnificent masterpiece of nature, the great lake. It is known as the largest fresh water lake in the whole world. The five sources of this masterpiece are Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. They shape the biggest group of fresh water lake globally.
These lakes are at the border of America and Canada except Lake Michigan. This is the only lake which is entirely in America. The great lakes were result of ice thinning procedure 10,000 years ago and the glaciers filled the land with melted water.
The great lakes are the main source of trade in this area. Not only it is used for trade, it contains aquatic species of large numbers and some species are unique. The unique species were discovered because of trade by these lakes. This lake is also a large source of fishing for both the states. In early days, the European was surprised to see the variety of species in it. But over fishing results the decrease in presence of many species.
It would not be wrong to say that the great lake is the mother of all lakes. There are thousand os islands in these five lakes and there are many small lakes in all those islands. The largest Island in them is Manitoulin Island which is situated in Lake Huron.
The beauty of this lake attracts a large number of tourists to this area yearly. Native do they recreational activities in this lake. Because of these things Tourism is the one of the biggest industry in this region.
Along with the magnificence aspect of the lake, the trade, tourism, presence of unique species and recreational aspect make this area attractive, worthy and valuable to all the natives and the tourists.

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