A Look Into The Great Lakes

It goes without saying that there are many lakes in the world. Some of these are so beautiful that one has to pull oneself forcefully on coming back. Some of these lakes lie in Himalayan region and are difficult to access. This article is about lakes of northern America, most of which are at the border of America and Canada. God has spread its wonders all around the world.one of its wonders are these fresh water lakes usually referred as the great lakes.
These lakes are considered to be the largest resource of fresh water on earth. The great lakes are the combination of five big lakes and a number of small lakes in same region. It is known that four of these big lakes are at the same elevation while one is at the lower elevation. About 21% of the fresh water of the world is in these lakes, the fact that gives these great lakes a distinguish place among rest of the lakes in the whole wide world. The great lakes are said to have many small most beautiful islands in them too. The rejoin lies between the border of Canada and America so the income of the people of this rejoin is associated with the tourism. As the lakes are home to many wild animals and birds so tourism industry is bloomingday by day. Tourist come to the great lakes not only to watch these lakes but also to see the wild animals and birds of these rejoins. Some are rare species and could be watched only in this rejoin.
Great lakes are considered marvels of the world present in America. These lakes are home to many wild birds and animals. Islands present in these lakes are quite beautiful. Statistics show that tourism is the major industry of this rejoin.

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