Great Lakes

Those who are not familiar with the beauty and uniqueness of the marvelous Great Lakes are missing out on quite a lot of great life experiences as well as various fun, thrilling adventures that are available at this amazing travel destination. The Great Lakes are situated in the northeastern North America, on the very borderline between the United States and Canada. They are an amazing and truly awe-inspiring collection of freshwater lakes that bring much joy to various hikers, kayakers, and boaters, as well as all other various kinds of people who greatly enjoy any kind of outdoor activity- be it taking a simple stroll by the water to endeavoring in challenging water activities.
The Great Lakes are an entire group of lakes, meaning that not just one lake is involved. In fact, the Great Lakes actually consist of Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, Michigan, as well as the famous Ontario. What makes them so popular and such great attractions? Well, apart from the fact that the lakes themselves are simply well known for their names, the Great Lakes actually form one of the largest groups of freshwater lakes in the entire world, coming in second after the only slightly more massive Baikal, located in Russia. These lakes make local United States citizens very proud and they are often referred to lovingly as the “Third Coast” for being so grand. Holding an impressive total of twenty one percent of Earth’s surface freshwater, which is a truly important but little known fact, the Great Lakes total up to a surface area of 208,610 km squared in metric units, which is a shocking and stunning 80,545 square miles.

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